Faster and Better New Bank Transfer Payment Feature for Hackers bank fullz shop, 18sgorg

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Hackers, we have some great news to share! We’re happy to announce that we’re adding Bank Transfers as a payout option to complement Paypal and Coinbase. This feature will give you the ability to get paid out in 30 different currencies to almost any country in the world.
We’ve been testing the bank transfer feature over the past few weeks with a select group of hackers, and the feedback has been great. One of our beta testers, Arne Swinnen, told us, “I’ve already saved hundreds of dollars by switching to the new bank transfer option recently”. We love hearing that!
What are the benefits?
Faster payouts. We will process bank transfers every day.
Better conversion rates. We support 30+ currencies, and use middle-market rates to give you the best possible exchange rate.
Self service! You can set up multiple bank accounts and switch whenever you prefer to get paid to a different bank account.
How to get started?
To start using our new payment option, you’ll need to enroll yourself. Go to your payment preferences , and click “Add payment preference”, then select “Bank transfer”.
You will then be prompted to go through a quick wizard to setup your preferred way of getting paid. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or questions. We’re happy to help you!
Happy hacking!
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