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Tanya grew up in a Mumbai suburb, like any normal teenager. Unknown to her, a classmate from a previous school had started collecting information and pictures of her since they were 12. The information was then used to make a fake Facebook page, and was shown as if Tanya had posted them herself. Tanya had read about cyber bullying, but had never expected herself to be a victim. She found out about the fake page only through her friends.
Even though the bullying seemed benign in the beginning, soon schoolmates started sending her crude messages and she became isolated from her friends circle. She withdrew to herself, rarely going out, and became depressed. The bullying then got so bad that she had to go for counseling and change schools to start afresh.
Having grown up around gadgets, children rely heavily on them to carry out everyday tasks.
They also form their social persona around social media and depend on these websites to measure their acceptance by their peers.
In an Ipsos survey in 2014, India topped the list of 254 countries for cyber bullying. 32% of parents surveyed in India said their children experienced cyber bullying, followed by Brazil (20%), Saudi Arabia (18%), Canada (18%) and the United States (15%). Parents in India also reported the greatest intensity of cyber bullying. 13% said a child in their home experiences cyber bullying on a regular basis, followed by 10% in Brazil, 5% in the United States and 5% in Argentina.
The frequency of cyber bullying in India was found to be higher than in the U.S. (15% of children), U.K. (11% of children) and France (5% of children).
According to a Microsoft study of online bullying among youth 8-17 years old, children in India reported the third highest online bullying rate among the 25 countries surveyed.
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