Hackers Compromising Systems through Fake Chrome Update buy cc numbers, cc card buy

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Russian “Doctor Web” virus researchers are warning Google chrome users that there is a new wave of cyber attack disguised as Google Chrome update.
The researchers revealed that the hackers are deceiving users to download these updates, but in actual sense, they are tricked into downloading a dangerous backdoor that will infect their systems.
Throughout last week, Microsoft and WhatsApp have issued out information and details about updates to their system. While WhatsApp has warned its users about upgrading their platform, Microsoft has issued a series of Windows 10 updates to keep users’ systems safe from the widespread exploitation from hackers posing as COVID-19 informants.
And as a result of the current adjusted work schedules for
Google developers due to the virus outbreak, Google has stopped all its
scheduled chrome releases. 
The tech giant has also postponed the next chrome release,
which was supposed to be Chrome 82. But Google had reiterated that it will take
any security-related updates very seriously and prioritize its resources in
that area for now.
As it stands, some hackers are taking advantage of this
situation to deceive Chrome users of a non-existent Chrome update that is a
dangerous backdoor. Once the user accepts and clicks the update request, their
system is infiltrated by the virus.
Doctor Web security outfit posted yesterday that the fake chrome update request is the handiwork of hackers who have compromised multiple WordPress-powered sites. They are now using the compromised sites to send fake update messages to victims.
According to the security researchers, the sites the
hackers are using different cover niches and are from official cooperate sites
and news blogs.
The hackers are using a sophisticated approach and their
approach shows they are well experienced in the act, Doctor Web said.
According to the researchers, “The hacker group behind this
attack was previously involved in spreading a fake installer of the popular
VSDC video editor through its official website and the CNET software platform.”
They added that the hackers were now able to get
administrative control of different sites to set up a chain of infection. Once
they have succeeded in accessing the admin section of the sites, they placed a
malicious JavaScript redirection protocol that directs visitors to a fake
Chrome update page.
The page would appear genuine to the user; it is designed
by the hacker to make victims believe they are downloading the updates from the
original update page.
But the Chrome update page is completely fake and an actual
malware installer. Once the user agrees to download the update, their system is
compromised by the malware installer.
According to Doctor Web researchers, this malware file has
already been downloaded more than 2,000 times. After the execution prompt is
activated, the password-protected archives and the TeamViewer remote control
protocol are installed.
Also, other sophisticated malware protocols can follow
suit, including a highly-technical Russian-based data stealer and a keylogger.
The data stealer referred to as Predator the Thief, has been active for the past
two years. The researchers said the data thief makes use of anti-analysis and
anti-debugging techniques that frustrate analysis and detection by researchers.
According to Doctor Web security researchers, the victims
of the hackers’ activities are from the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia,
Israel, Canada, and the United States. The researchers traced the downloaded
malware files using digital signatures utilized by the hackers when they were
creating a fake NordVPN installer.
Chrome users have been advised on the best ways to stay
protected from these hackers. The researchers said chrome users should make
sure the automatic update feature of Chrome is activated. Users should not
manually click a link or any information to update their Chrome, the
researchers advised.
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