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Many times we have observed in prank videos they either hide the faces or blur the person. This happens when someone don’t want to reveal his anonymity. Also sometimes we blur the video when something irrelevant or illicit is captured on our camera. In those cases we don’t want to loose the footage then we simply hide or blur those scenes. One should know how to blur faces on Youtube.
Step – 1
Go to YouTube account and then go to  video manager and then click Edit under the title video. This choice can be found on each video on your account.
Step – 2
Now open Enhancement tab on the top most. Now select the blurring effect option on right side of the interface.
Step – 3
Click on the custom blurring edit feature, and your video will appear on the screen in a new pop-up window.
Step – 4
Create a blurred area on the frame that you want to blur, and drag it to resize based on your choice.
Step -5
Once you’ve finished , the right panel would have three saving options. You can now select the original video and save it as a new video, and simply overwrite the existing file.
With the above measures, after uploading to YouTube channel, you can blur faces in video. But what if the custom YouTube blurring doesn’t work? From the latest updates, it reveals that YouTube has started providing blurring options from 2012 and after that, blurring items on YouTube videos isn’t difficult. But as per feedback and forums, each time this YouTube custom tool doesn’t work properly.
Therefore, you need to learn another successful way to blur faces on YouTube if custom blurring on YouTube doesn’t work. Here, I want to recommend to you all a face blur video editing software-Filmora Video Editor. Let’s review in YouTube how the software works with blurring images. It is possible on both the platform like MAC or Windows. As we all know that Filmora is widely used by most of the Youtubers. So, we are going to teach you stepwise how to do that.
How to Blur Faces in YouTube Videos with Filmora Video Editor?
With over 300 + effects for vloggers and YouTubers, as well as many other features that will blow your head, Mac’s Filmora Video Editor or Filmora Video Editor has earned a great reputation and accepted the world over. The built-in Face-off feature allows users to add mosaic, blur or alter face within a few easy clicks with other funny images. Unlike a custom blurring tool on YouTube, this Face Blur Video Editor can work well regardless of whether you’re online or offline. And it also offers various editing tools to assist you all with editing a video like a pro.
Run Filmora Video Editor on your computer, and use the “New Project” button to enter the edit interface.
Now, press the import option to timeline upload the video file from the computer. You can also directly drag and drop the video into the timeline.
Navigate to panel “Effects,” and select “Utility.” Now, get to the Face-off filter and drag it onto the frame you want to blur and then it will automatically blur your video object with mosaic effect.
Double-click the Face-off filter option on the timeline to add more fun to the video, and then pick funny emojis from the provided options. Add the emojis to the blur area, and make it funny. Once you have finished, preview the video by clicking on the Play button and then save the edited video to the app again.
If you apply the Face-off effect to the video, this means that when the object in the video moves too, the blur effect will be involved.
To preview the editing effects, click the Play icon on the right pane. If it is OK, press “Export” button and turn to “YouTube” page. Sign in to your own YouTube channel account then upload the edited video to YouTube without any loss of quality.
So, if you’re looking for a workable and professional tool to blur and edit YSo, Filmora Video Editor may be the best choice for you if you’re looking for a workable and professional tool to blur and edit YouTube videos. And it also provides Mac compatible version for MacOS.
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